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Trustee contact details

Many churches have a 'Friends' Scheme and now St John’s in Moggerhanger is no exception. The idea came about after hearing of the success of a similar project at St Leonard’s in Stagsden.

The church there had suffered greatly over the years from death watch beetle and the necessary restoration work, along with many other projects, has been greatly supported financially by The Friends of St Leonard’s.

The Friends of St John’s Church Moggerhanger was set up in November 2002 by and for people who, in the main, are not weekly churchgoers, but who are concerned about the upkeep of the building and churchyard. This initiative allows the Parochial Church Council (PCC) to concentrate on other church activities.

Today, thirty five people or couples give regularly, including some who don’t live in the village but have past or present links with the church. Since its formation the Friends have raised more than £28,000. Have a look at our ‘How the money is spent’ page

If you are interested in the upkeep of our church building and the surrounding grounds, why not join the ‘Friends of St John's Church’ scheme for a minimum donation of £1 per month?

All money raised by this venture goes towards the building and churchyard.

To join, simply click on the link below or on the Friend query above, to access a form to join the Friends and return it to the address specified.
The treasurer will keep a copy for records and send the original onto your bank.

Click here for the Friends joining form

As a "Friend" you will receive a regular letter informing you of how your money is being spent.

The trustees would love to hear from you if you have ideas on how to raise money and how it might best be used.

Friends of St John's Church, Moggerhanger
Charity No: 1097011